Why mental health matters

Many a time i hear colleagues say mental health programs have been done to death but I think it’s one topic we can not tire off. We need to engage regularly and continue doing so. The triggers are numerous , it’s not a homogeneous condition. The end thoughts and condition may be the same but how we get there can be different. Some of you have suffered loss in business, in life, some breakdown in relationships, unfulfilled dreams, our parents retirement benefits have been wiped clean they can’t afford retirement, others are battling with coming out.

As a people we need constant motivation to get out of the dark places to keep going, stay motivated. Zig Zeigler says motivation is like bathing that why it is recommended every day.That’s why I post motivation on my Facebook everymorning, someone needs to hear just that

I have been struggling with depression for a couple of years. I have had dark and really dark days but I always have managed to dig myself out of the hole. I have been fortunate to have a great support structure I can rely on. At times I have had to go to therapy. As a black young male in Africa that was a big step and one that required huge courage and requires one to go against many social expectations . I went through the expected why didn’t you tell us you struggling from my aunts When I dropped the I’m going to therapy bomb at a family meeting. I knew it would have that effect, make them feel unsupportive, unapproachable but at times you need to do you do what you feel is best and will work for you. With time they will understand.

I’m a strong character naturally I don’t back down, i dig in, I stand up when things are tough, I am a fighter. However at some point in life it takes its toll. I have had so many heart breaks in my short time on earth but I have managed to kick right back.

The first time I almost broke down I had watched my mine owner dream come crashing in a series of events. I had prepared for any eventuality, had work plans, anticipated every threat and prepared contingency measures. I had taken a loan from my parents and set out on a adventure, all worked out at first, beginners luck and all but when it crashed I was never prepared I had never been floored this much. I sat at home never left the house.

However a few words from my Dad after we had journeyed over a 1000km to Zimbabwe and two Zambezi lagers later I was back on my horse. He calmy reminded me business is a risk, you were courageous enough to act on you dream but at at times we have no control over some things in business and life,don’t start thinking I will think less of you or dad will go into a rage, you have learnt something from the experience. That kicked me back into action got me solving my problems with a change in attitude.

The second time I had a episode was the aftermath of my first pub LA Gondola adventure. I had poured everything into my Pub Revolution I have written in my other blogs about the glory, the good times but I have never mentioned the toll it had on my health and mental health especially .

It was mentally exhausting! I barely slept was constantly working at times surving on Redbull actually had four a shift. What gave me extra push was that I was going to be a father in less than 5 months. The pub had to work to cover my new responsibilities. I pushed myself to the point I crashed, my body seized, I had a fever for a few days well that didn’t do much to stop me I bounced back.

Behind the scenes I had to battle a lot of work pressure, and stay focused, that took a lot. Management is one of the most taxing of jobs out there,it’s consistently managing everyone’s expectations. Making sure targets are met, salaries are paid on time, staff moral is high, right people are hired or fired, ensuring customer satisfaction all the time, dealing with legal issues. When I took a break and went to across to South Africa for my kids birth the relief of a new environment was so huge I didn’t want to go back to the chaos.

I had faced many business of mine fail before since I was a teen . Like my good buddy Simon says, “this guy is one person who knows how to bounce back with the same energy and zeal after each failure!” but nothing prepared me for the events of the following days.

My girlfriend went into labor in Joburg while I was still in Durban. Itwas July 28 my dad’s birthday what a prezzy for grandpa! But it wasn’t to be my daughter went into surgery shortly after birth and passed on hours later never knew pain so deep. I was in so much pain I was numb, the only thing I could say was Fuck for 10 minutes. Weeks later I was home sick and heartbroken, I sank into depression. I called one person I know would listen, comfort and give it to me as it is Thandie. We would chat and gradually I rediscovered my touch and began moving up again.

It’s been a year since we lost the triplets and my Rock my Mum within months it almost knocked me flat. But that is life we go through such it will happen. Les Brown says when things go wrong don’t go with them.

I am a fighter, I don’t back down, I’m am fragile yes, but I do not quit. Make that decision to go on and stick to it We have to take care of our mental health it’s not easy living in this world. Especially if you from a country like Zimbabwe that doesn’t give dreams a chance. Where you feel like your life doesn’t matter. Where being a graduate or the best in your field doesn’t come with financial rewards. Build a support system, have rituals and goals to keep you focused.

Let go of hate and that pain and hurt. Like Joel Osteen says your attitude determines your altitude, how high or how low you go depends on your attitude , choose happy and positive. Normalise going to therapy especially when you doubt you need it. Let’s Normalise speaking mental health and not get tired.we need to Stop coping and start dealing with our issues even if it means getting help. Zimbabwean lives matter, mental health matters.

SOMVUBU’s genius move

The week began with One of the most ambitious undertakings by a local high school, somvubu secondary school lodging a claim for development center compensation from Prince Dubes transfer. Its quite. shocking no school has thought of this before.

This is a landmark move imagine what it can do to all those traditional sports person breeding schools. Imagine the upgrade in facilities for the developing schools and the taking of sport as a whole seriously with the knowledge they can actually reap financial rewards in the future with each transfer.

Before we start arguing schools are not academies, name 3 football academies in your region or town. Now name three soccer prodegy Producing schools in your region? Now you get where I’m going with this.

I remember as a Upper six student at Mzingwane High school I sat at on the bench for the School team. Yes you had me right I was calling the shots for the first team. In a year the traditional coaches decided they didn’t want to coach the team yours truly sat on the bench with a trainee teacher. We navigated all the qualifiers made it to Coca-Cola provincial finals, at that point I got fired by the returning coaches and reinstated after a whole school revolt two games later.

Itwas during this time I spotted the great Ernest Sibanda on a scouting mission, I tried brokering my first player contract dangling one of the finest players I’ve seen Brian a keeper cum striker if goals were required and one Mondli Njini who made it into the junior ranks. Well seems he was there for this Lad they called mangoye Aerial Sibanda who happens to be the Higlanders captain now.

Clubs have traditionally scouted players from the schools tournaments for a long long time. The same clubs then go on and sell players and continue getting revenue from sell on clauses with the feeder schools not being rewarded for their roles. Zimbabwe has no academy structure to speak of. Instead of ridiculing the Somvubu position let’s look at the merits. We can take a look at how the development center fees can help the grassroots structures of our football. It will go a long way towards helping employ qualified coaches to train the youth players and impact morden playing methods to players from a young age. Not much credit is given to teachers who double as coaches for their roles in shaping careers. With more specialist sports coaches it will grow not only football but a number of other sport and breed more technically gifted sports persons.

It will also improve the schools infrastructure and improve the quality of education. It’s a move that will be a win all round. It’s about time schools are recognized as development centers and the culture of sport as a profesion is cultivated.

Rain Maker

This water crisis and the new  Djembe Monks  video title  had me thinking, are we paying the price for abandoning our Indegenous knowledge systems. When is the last time we went Enjelele? Do we still have rainmakers? Do we still do the rain dances? How detached from our spirituality and our environment have we become. Have we embraced the new God’s so much we have neglected the way of the Land the way of our forefathers. Are we paying the price for fogerting our own ways?

Think of it when the great ancestor  Inkosi uMzilikazi came to these lands he embraced the ways of the natives, he embraced the great uNgwali he carried on observing the spiritual practices, respected the Shrine. The rain making rituals are deeply entrenched in our history. How our people would go to the Shrine and dance for the rain and the Great uNgwali will answer their prayers.

Inkosi UMzilikazi did not come and dictate but he respected his new environment. He adapted to his his new surroundings and culture. Rain making is part of our African Culture

When the White settlers came they also understood the mythical powers of these lands, of Injelele, it remained a sacred place.They even believed in these practices it is said white farmers asked for rain making rituals. It is also well documented that the white folk even had to carry our traditional rituals to appease the great spirit Nyaminyami when it’s wrath laid ruin to all early efforts to construct the Kariba dam wall.

As a people we have forsaken our ways, have demonized our ways in favour of the “new” God and new culture. If I understand spirituality we all serve one God. We have chosen a foreign way to communicate with the great uNgwali maybe that is why our prayers have not been heard. Maybe if we still embraced the ways of ago we can be more in sync with our spirituality and enter spiritual reals where we can effectively communicate with the most High.

Every civilisation has its ways, they bow to a deity, when things are not going right, they give praise when their prayers answered. Even the Bible is filled with stories of rituals and rites, who is that Fella who tried to sacrifice his only son? Those are the lengths some have gone to appease God. What are we willing to do and what have we done lately? Do you believe in Higher powers? Will you dance for rain?

Check out rainmaker by the Djembe monks https://youtu.be/wmaSdTtwLtU

What I miss about the trade fair week

The even I miss the most is the ZITF by now we would be saying

Now that the orange Tag army has left our shores with their two cabs and returned to Bambazonke we now return to our Two keys and mnandi Dollar Pap from Mzilikazi garden. We will miss the cocktails and the buffets the Double blacks and the steaks. We will miss the urikupi calls and practicing shona. We will miss the Elavator pitches and seing the Famous “please contac”HQ” chaps. We will remember that dreadful Trade fare jingle and the tagging of Bambazonke stations only did not escape our eyes especial that network asking people to meet bosso players . The memory of a week by us not for us will linger on…. maybe it will motivate us to find ways to kickstart our own industry and then exhibit more. It was pain not seing our chinas not representing their companies at the fair. Then you hear priviledged individuals calling us tribal and bitter. Ofcourse we bitter who wouldn’t, maybe we do need that King after all . Will remember how the city streets were kept clean though out. As we sip our Twokeys we will definitely talk about how poor we felt for that week and dive into our own unemployment stats and count the number of degrees per square meter. Talk about all the memories of business ventures that were epic enough to see each of us exhibiting at a fair, but that failed due to lack of financial support. we will definitely dust some of them ,chase the leads we got in the week. Having moved to a Zambezi lager wash-down one china will joke about last week being like a Sgwadi Hood fella with the base for other people to get laid. Speaking of it’s sad it will be remebered for the headlines local sex workers exhibit istead of the sexual rights aspect of the exhibit . Hope ill still get that Free zambezi from the barmen who never stopped laughing when a guy with guy with a tradefair Tag came to the counter. It was a good week increased exhibition space , but mostly for the bars and hotels and the travelling party. One day it will be a great week for All.

Once upon a Pub Revolution


Many will think that it started at Pub Lagondola but nah I’ve always been an arts guy, from the nursery rhymes at preschool to prize giving day at primary school to leading the drama club and imbube during my days at Mzingwane High school under the mentorship of Siyaya crew. Not to forget the times in college whenl had to join my brother Mzi and my cousin Woza ka Nyathis projects for high school drama ,where we first came across young talents like Clive Chigubhu and Mbo mahocs.


Lagondola wasn’t the genesis but that’s where it all came together and that’s where the city’s arts land scape changed in just three months.

My college buddy and business partner JB invited me to Byo to come join him in his latest adventure a Bar Partnership. I couldn’t refuse the offer, that was an opportunity for me to transform the often bad services and style in the city and show people how it’s done. I started in February in a true autodidact fashion, going through dozens of bar management articles and getting familiarised with the Hansa point of sale system, sorry business resource system one of the most practical systems out there.

Then I set out to scout for entertainers, a task that proved to be harder than anticipated due to the lack of regular spots to search for or find grand entertainers, So I had to rely on my past experiences, which led me to hunt for the Djembe monks, I also asked for their contacts from known associates whom for some reason blue ticked me, imagine. Well finally got hold of them, immediately striking a monthly residency deal. Fellas don’t come cheap but they are worth every penny, those who’ve had an opportunity to see them in action will agree without doubt. To top it up their craft was the perfect bait for my target market/audience, so by any means they had to be there to provide an exhilarating experience. I also had to find another band, upcoming but good and cheaper, I called up Jahbue, the First artist to ever beg me to join the industry, the Guy who made the hit fingerprint, that’s a story for another day. I got his young bro’s number. I had seen the kid perform at Holiday inn. His name was Lungile, , most of you know him as the crazy drummer from Band fusion! back then he rolled with an outfit called Harmonic rythyms.

djembe monks

The bush dinner

With the two bands signed and sealed I started looking for DJs, it so happens this other young fella about 18 years of age kept pestering me about being a Dj he went by the stage name Deck star. His confidence and persistence were quite convincing I had to give him a shot, I Hired him without even hearing play. In my mind were starting a revolution and for that I needed someone who wasn’t corrupted by the system, someone raw. With the bar split into two sections one thriving under the master Dj Wycliffe, the other completely and under an amateur DJ, a different vibe was needed so we settled for a deep house and live performance type of vibe. The mix was coming up well the ingredients were set. we Had a Stage made and the games began.

The first weeks were quite challenging, the pub had somehow turned into a shebeen, transforming it back into a pub was hard. one Day i sat with The legend Albert Nyathi selling to him my vision and dream of creating a venue That was and arts Base , a place you find all the city’s creative! that day he was passing through town with Derrick Mpofu and Pauline of Mafriq .

In the early days Deck star would play to about two people but never lost heart. There was this guy Butho who always sat there daily enjoying the music after two weeks i think he had a table of ten . At this point we decided to activate a daring social media campaign, one of the noisiest social media hash tags ever , flooded peoples in boxes and timelines with promo materials and specials. The result was an immediate increase in patronage and sales figures ballooned. #lonyaka went viral #WeTakingBackTheNight gained momentum. People from as far as Harare, UK, SA flocked in. Soon midweeks became Mini weekends. The place was packed; I’d created a monster that demanded constant feeding.

Djembe monks Shows sold out, convoys would leave Gwanda and drive 125 km to come watch the monks. This tribal house ensemble is a one not to miss, electrifying on stage. My favourite pastime was watching people have their first Djembe Monks experience. Manu going on a Djembe solo, sending everyone into a trance. Nothing beats the spirituality of an African Drum. Slimzar on decks and Kgotso on percussion. You couldn’t ask for more.

Not only were These guys were a marvel to watch, they also introduced me to one of the Best DJs i have ever watched play. l was in my office when I heard the sound and tempo change after four minutes I couldn’t help it anymore but to go an experience the performance In person in the lounge.
I experience one of the best DJs sets of my life , this guy was a genius sounded different like the real deal! he even played one of my Favourite tracks SweetJesus ,as I was singing along DJ Mustafa Musa asked me if I knew the Man behind the Hit , said no the guys laughed hard and pointed at the ginger Haired fellow on the decks. I had chat with the soft spoken chap after his set booked him for the next Friday the rest is as they say history.AE949FA3-A6AB-48C3-8A9B-DC2670A51BA7

He wasn’t the only Dj who came with the Djembus , we Had tick tock ,Mustafa the Renovation boys the god local house MduSevan. Like that the House revolution was born ,7 hours of nothing but deep house uninterrupted ! a niche was sealed DJs were happy, no one telling them to play zimdancehall. Chronicles of house nation pitched up Zulu the House maniac ,Butho,89 muziq , and the whole crew turned up . It was the house of house . However upfront Wycliffe kept the alternative vibe going I still rate him as the best Resident DJ out there. Deck star also grew strong during these tyms ,so good he recruited other youngsters African Smosh being the most memorable. They formed a duo so good they even played with the Djembe monks.

the Harmonic rhythms and other bands Fused were a hit. Delukes was a fusion of the beat and Mbira and mad vocals and Lungile with those Drum solos, Syd on the Bass and Ashleigh bringing out her inner Chiwoniso. Carlos Jiri also featured on some nights.

harmonic rhythms


The guest Dj line up kept growing , Kead would hold it down with Mating Ting on Thursday Lady’s night ,this was a wicked comPrince eskhosini on a Friday and have Skaiva or slimzar or MduSevan on Saturday!

We had Open mic Wednesday ,a Plattform for anyone who wanted to showcase their talent to do so. The Umahlekisa crew hosted these.It was the proving ground for Award winning comedian Mandla da comedian , Ckhanyiso that Guy and Zwe. My favourite comic at the time Marcus Lacoste who sadly retired after his humour rubbed the spooks the wrong way and had a short spell in detention. I even met the First Lady of Comedy Ms dee there first time.Ntando van Moyo, Ndlizy the Ndebele maker and i became friends at this place. Poetry was also part of the nights had Capitol c and Kudzi valor featuring regularly. The mad man PAN aka Philani Nyoni even featured regularly delivering his signature Anti bob scary poetry pieces.

I invited a host of poets and acts in the early days who refused to be part of the revolution , I hope its only because they did not believe this Gwanda boy had it him . It mad me sad when I heard almost the same acts cry about lack of platforms these were tough times Before Skyz metro #esabantu and Khulumani fm. I Even got that invite to that infamous WhatsApp group we like to pretend doesn’t exist ! It’s real it’s not a myth Mthu will tell you, honestly I had no time literally . In the mean time we took in every act even beatboxers , Tbeats was a feature.

I love theater big time so I made excuses to get my tickets bought by the Pub. Later We would even buy tickets to give away to our patrons . There is almost no production we didn’t attend and support . We literally went to shows and poached the crowd with promises of free entry as long as they produced ticket Stubbs, win win if you ask me.Effectively we brought back the after party. We even hosted parties for our patrons and stars.CE08D87C-41C1-40B0-A505-B372436199C7

The first Amagugu experience we were there , I remember the awe in the Great Phathisa Nyathis face when we even took the bar up a steep hill for the final activity of the day. We never missed any events or opportunity to be visible ,we took them all . Every celebrity passing through we grabbed the Kodak moments, from Sports-stars to actors and socialites. We even hosted a Press club every second Friday for the local journalists.

You needed any act for your event this was your go to bar! MCs bands , sound guys ,designers and even doctors. It was the Hub for creatives and like minded folk. It even had Political journalists writing entertainment pieces. I felt sorry for my buddy Viola who had so many articles and interviews with artists that her editor never published but she kept coming for more.

One trade fair weekend we had one of of the most epic line ups outside
a festival weekend. The show started on Wednesday, there was this female group called One Stand,loved this Band! It was made of some of the biggest now award winning names from the city.It had one Qeqeshiwe Mntambo, the AEIOU hit maker Novuyo Seagirl
and Ntombi. It was one great band , well managed ,professional and had refreshing covers. I had belief they will be Greats as a band but had no idea their solos will be the highlights. One band I’d love to see back on stage.On that trade fair weekend To top it off they even had Hudson simbarashe on guitar ,he had Japanese exhibitors losing their minds with a Guitar solo to remember.It is during their mid performance break that I bowed to pressure from another artist who couldn’t take no ,a Pj from Pj and the flames and gave him a shot.

one stand Band


On Thursday there was the Harmonic rhythms and friends ,legend has it Vusnova , Nathi and Band lost it when these guys Fronted by Delukes belted Nomvula yes they were in the house. The patrons even lost it when vusnova went on Stage! I remember getting calls from them telling me theywant to come over and I refused since they had been brought into town for a show by the competition. 15 minutes later was called by Mthu , the Nomvula hit makers were outside, we hastily organised a vip ,got buddies to be security and got them in.

Then on Friday we had the Djembe monks setting the crowd on fire.Way to many First Djembe experiences ,so much Tha the crew from a Harare based station with twang Fogort their Ride at the bar and called looking for it on Sat ! We got a years long of mentions in return.
The Saturday was Set aside for comedy Headlined by zims Biggest comedian Carl Joshua Ncube and what a night. I remember that Sundays paper screamed from a Shebeen to a Pub ! that Sunday our tagline changed to #weOwntheNight , mission was complete ,the standard was set , we paid the artist, shivers had been sent down some spines .Pub comedy

Others closed down others Remodelled We had arrived. A few months later i followed the great treck Down south on my mothers instruction besides she had spent a lot on my Work permit .

Hope it help some get why up to now I use the almost the same acts  we come a long way #sincekudala it’s time for a new Genaration to rise! We were what Jobs was to Majaivanas career to a new breed. Call it the Lagondola combination!
will tell you how we put Zambezi lager on the map next time


The General Ntando van Moyo

Once upon a lock down

As we enter the final hours of the lock Down its the years of economic ruin is what is going to lead us to a harder corona time.
Zimbabwe has lost most if not all their sense of patriotism . No one wants to sacrifice for the country its each man for himself. now people are excited about a poll on whether to get out of quarantine on a website. I’m sure it will be a landslide yes vote,not because its the best idea but because we have been reduces to selfish individuals .

On independence week our liberation icons and true patriots who sacrificed themselves for this country will turn cringe! This is not the country the Sacrificed themselves for.
when they see us they will weep these are not the values they fought for. the Americans quote their founding fathers from the 1700s ours will be lucky to be remembered beyond 2050 ,

our national Anthem is now just a bunch of words mumbled at national events and school assembly . its true meaning is forgotten . at times like this our leaders have to be drawing inspiration from it giving moving speeches preaching self sacrifice
Zimbos have been reduced to  “ as long as I’m fine screw all else“  as long as my family is clothed and fed that’s not my concern “ We need to eat, we live from  hand to mouth . No one has the national outlook ,the health implications  of the long term impacts of breaking lockdown  protocol  . we already ruined what can be worse than this! let us die once we die we die!
how did our genaration get to be so selfish is anyone’s guess.
The value of money has overshadowed that of knowledge and logic. We want to break quarantine becoz our ‘businesses’are out  ,for a fact they non tax paying money changing liquor bootlegging . , fuel dealings minerals the same tax dollars we need at a time like this instead of begging . they add nothing to the nations coffers. the tax man gets nothing. The people get nothing.

I’m not fooled into believing its all for one and one for all. zimbos are just a selfish lot and will just watch the country burn and not be moved as long as they getting a quick buck. Self sacrifice  is a word we need to learn and then after that patriotism

Im Zimbabwean first

let’s wait and see.   #stayhomestaysafe

How Much is #ThisKit anyway?

Yep BK Change will always be resisted. I think the wholeHighlanders kit thing was done wrong . In 2018 u would expect a team of Bossos stature to do a proper Kit unveiling even Get Vusa Blaqs  to do a nice promo video (heard he dropped his rates) do a Photoshoot nton nton . Its no easy making people buy into a kit  seen thru photos of the main guy in a liverpool jersey holdn it. Make the whol shandis a red carpert event Event , ride on the buzz Start with sales there, get sportshops to pre order get the Influencers on your side get them tweeting and posting pics IN the jersey. Let FOMO settle in . . I say opportunity missed .

And   the “cool kids” of social media  had a field day  shem. What they  say  goes , the moment they gave it a thumbs down the tone was  set. Part of me feels the big guys at bosso Still dont know what hit them or even that they were hit. if u Visit the clubs social media u will  know. By allowing the cool kids to dictate play  Bosso  lost the edge. Its not too late for the team to win the “cool kids”  back. You cant totaly ignore them in this Era ,best plan is to find ways to get them on your side because by your side they will help you reach millions of fans. They love the team after all.

Football is now a bussiness and we live in the times of social media . Sell at every opportunity u get. Now you wonder what happened ?  Are the guys in charge  the same men of Vision Babongile interviewed  on the VuKa Vuka breakfast show?

A teams  football jersey is quite a big deal   its the teams identity and its  were the money  is.  A team in good form , a reasonably priced  jersey    a multitude of  Fans  starved of a kit  , right there  you  have the perfect ingridients to  make a  killing.  If theres a lesson i learnt at Mzingwane  high games,  its that even the ugliest  khakhis looked great grouped  on the terreces,  a sea of intimidating Khakhi in full voice,  many ateams nightmare .   One doesnt have to  like the colors for them to look   great in uniform … thats what kits are after all.  The kit may be not what people expected  but it doesnt mean that it wont get  the job  done .  Its  2018  Bosso should  step  up. I hope the management untangles  its self  from this  mess. How much is the kit anyway?

Emergency preparednes or unpreparedness in zimbabwe

The Gwanda branch of Powersales clothing store was razed to the ground, this was the original fear that inspired this piece, and this week my worst fear became a reality. its been few months since i posted the original blog these were my thoughts then………

vanvodloza's Blog

The Gwanda branch of Powersales clothing store was razed to the ground, this was the original fear that inspired this piece, and this week my worst fear became a reality. its been  few months since i posted the original blog these were my thoughts then………

it was just last year when i caused a stir on social media when in questioning the state of emergency preparedness of the Mat South capital i likened the towns Fire tender to a Cold war relic that belonged to a museum. The Thing was useless in the few fires incidents that occurred , as a result homes were razed to the ground. Then the town did not even have a qualified fire fighter in its fire station since the death of its only qualified fireman for years. I raised these concerns with my uncle who also happens to be the town’s Mayor and he…

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Its all fun and games untill when you have to be admitted to Hospital and you dont have Medical Aid

forget my earlier post about emergency preparedness and not knowing the number to call in case you need an ambulance. Events in the past week have shown me that, that is not the worst of the worst. Say you have got the number for the ambulance, you have been taken to hospital, you have been admitted you have been given a prescription, tests have been recommended. How do you pay for all that?

If like me you don’t have any form of medical insurance your condition is most likely to worsen at the sight of the bill. Honestly i had never given much thought to the idea of having health insurance. Why really? i have not been seriously ill in three decades, nor have i spent a night in hospital in that time. All this evaporated when reality set in and the unthinkable happened, a bout of malaria earned me my first visit to the hospital in three decades.

First up a deposit of US $35 upfront before you can say “hello doctor” , i was like alright i spend way more on night out, Doctors fee $29, and no one has even touched you at this point!!!! whhhat!  next up “hello Doc” then some 10ml injection $5. after that then comes a series of tests , full blood count malaria slides, urine chemistry, that costs $44 dollars.ohh and they take mobile money, Ecocash is kindly accepted. By this time you probably be thinking well this is the worst part, financially, until the Doc says “Sir your Temperature is 38.9 i strongly recommend that you spend the night for observation”. The rates are charged at a minimum of two nights, a ridiculous $250 for two nights, if you are not jolted into instant recovery like me, you will probably need that bed not because of whatever ailment you have but from the costs. I flatly refused the overnight observation requested medication and to come back in the event my condition gets

In all this time i haven’t even given thought of the cost of the pills , seriously how expensive can a couple of antibiotics be!! to my utter disbelief as much as a Johnie walker Black, $28, $28 for a blister-pack of  10 zinnat  tablets. At this point i am thinking if only i had health insurance. But judging from recent events in zimbabwe   im pretty sure im not too far off those with medical health insurance.

im happy i manged to move from a crazy fever to be able to blog within 24hrs without paying for a hospital stay. Now im going to take time to choose a health care plan.  i hope i can find one. haven’t bothered total my bill but i know im not having a drink for a while